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Pictures added 25.1.2021:

Great Britain personalised series rear plate former style GT58 FLY.jpg (45 kB)
(GB) Personalised series since 2001. Rear plate. Euroband optional until 2020. 58 = 1.9.2008- 28.2.2009 (but the vehicle may be newer). No area coding, certain letters reserved for the select scheme.

Norway electrically powered vehicle series EC 13483.jpg (41 kB)
(N) Electrically powered vehicle series since 1999. 2012 onwards plate style (without sticker box). EC (since 2020) = Electric (centrally issued).

Norway personalised series 500E.jpg (52 kB)
(N) Personalised series since 2017. 2012 onwards plate style, with the blue band covered by a white sticker.

Norway personalised series OT.jpg (73 kB)
(N) Personalised series since 2017. 2012 onwards plate style. Black on green = Light commercial vehicle.

Norway military series 12209.jpg (48 kB)
(N) Military series since 1957. 2010 onwards plate style. No official code list is available, but the block 10000-19999 appears to be for cross-country vehicles.

Norway antique vehicle series E-604304.jpg (38 kB)
(N) Antique vehicle series (pre-1971 vehicles), since 1991. 1971-2001 plate style. Reflective plates since 1982. No coding, owners choose the registration within the pre-1971 series. E used to denote Oppland.

Pictures added 24.1.2021:

Finland Åland normal series ÅL 10198.jpg (79 kB)
(FIN) Åland Normal series since 2013. 1992 onwards plate style. ÅL = Åland.

Germany oldtimer series STD 0766.jpg (57 kB)
(D) Oldtimer series since 1994. 1995 onwards plate style. STD = Stade. 07 = Oldtimer.

Lithuania normal series LNS 979.jpg (66 kB)
(LT) Normal series since 1992. 2018 onwards plate style. No coding since 2003.

Lithuania temporary series 1826 BC.jpg (100 kB)
Lithuania temporary series 1832 BC.jpg (73 kB)Lithuania temporary series 1833 BC.jpg (82 kB)Lithuania temporary series 1834 BC.jpg (74 kB)Lithuania temporary series 1835 BC.jpg (68 kB)
(LT) Temporary series since 2018. No coding.

Latvia trailer series A-981A.jpg (32 kB)
(LV) Trailer series since 2020. 2004 onwards plate style. No coding.

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